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Welcome to my world. Where things are constantly changing but some amazing things are falling into place (and I hope they...well he... lasts), life is beyond insane and I have no idea what I'm doing. Some things relate, some things don't, but it's whatever cause it caught my eye. NO clue where life is taking me or what I want to do in it, but I'll figure it out! Just will forever dabble in the million things that make me happy!

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I almost do #red #sketchbook #sketch


#Doodling: the biggest epidemic to hit young artists… #art #drawing #eyes (Taken with Instagram)


BittersweetDisease/Foervraengd’s Tutorial Series - Understanding Anatomy

[Part 1] - Introduction

[Part 2] - Drawing The Base

[Part 3] - The Torso

[Part 4] - The Legs

[Part 5] - Arms & Hands

[Part 6] - Gesture

[Part 7] - Bodyshapes


Charcoal on paper

Sketches I drew from a live model class.  It was extremely helpful for developing technical skills 



Starting at Kalapana, Hawaii I walked for two hours right to the place on the coast where active lava flows were touching the ocean.

I was overwhelmed about the scene: Hot air touched my face as I stood at the edge of the cliff, steam drifted away by the strong wind, thunders in my ears as the waves crushed on the melted stones and water fought with fire.

I stood and watched the lava flows started to glow as it became darker. I wanted to express what happened there. All four elements – water, fire, air and earth came together at that point to show how they’re playing the game.Jennifer Vahlbruch




I’m sorry, I can’t hear your screams over the sound of my drill.